UI Section

The UI section contains the settings related to UI and save games.

UI System #

The UI System sub-section contains the UI system setup and used UI module.

Learn more in the UI system documentation.

UI Settings #

The UI Settings sub-section contains the basic UI settings, e.g. default button contents and flying text positions.

Save Game Settings #

The Save Game Settings sub-section contains the all settings for Makinom’s save game system.

You can define the game data that will be saved in save games, the load game screen fades and save/load menus.

Learn more in the save games documentation.

UI Layers #

The UI Layers sub-section defines the UI layers that are available. UI layers are used to sort displayed UI boxes and HUDs in layers, e.g. displaying dialogues above HUDs or a load screen HUD above the screen fader.

Learn more in the UI layers documentation.

UI Layouts #

The UI Layoutssub-section defines the UI layets that are available. UI layouts can arrange UI boxes and HUDs in various layout formations.

Learn more in the UI layouts documentation.

UI Boxes #

The UI Boxes sub-section defines the UI boxes that are available. UI boxes are used by dialogues and menus to display their content.

The setup of the position, size and style of a UI box depends on the used UI module.

Learn more in the UI boxes documentation.

HUDs #

The HUDs sub-section defines the HUDs that are available. HUDs (head up displays) are used to display information to the player, e.g. an available interaction or the player’s health.

There are different types of HUDs available, beside displaying information, you can also create virtual controls for mobile devices using the Control HUD type. The setup of the position, size, style and content of a HUD depends on the used UI module.

Learn more in the HUDs documentation.

Text Codes #

The Text Codes sub-section allows you to set up custom text codes. Text codes are used to style your text or display information.

Learn more in the text codes documentation.