Upgrading a Makinom 1 Project

Learn more about upgrading a Makinom 1 project to Makinom 2.

Languages (Makinom 2)

Learn more about how Makinom 2 manages multiple languages and exporting/importing content for translations.

UI System: Unity UI (Makinom 2)

Learn more about using the Unity UI extension for Makinom 2’s UI system.

UI Systems (Makinom 2)

Makinom 2’s UI system is modular and can be completely replaced with custom UI solutions.

GUI Layouts

GUI layouts can be used to arrange multiple GUI boxes.

Asset Sources

Makinom can use assets from different sources, e.g. direct references or asset bundles.

Code Extensions

Learn how to extend Makinom’s settings with custom code.

Selected Data

TheĀ Selected Data feature can be used for all kinds of custom systems.

Performance Optimizations

Learn how you can improve the performance of your game.

Build Troubleshooting

Having problemsĀ building your project or running your built project?