Learn using Makinom and bring your game idea to life.


There are different kinds of tutorials available, separated into two different learning paths. How-tos and schematics focus on single features and game mechanics, while the different game tutorials consist of a series of tutorials to create various game genres. The scripting tutorials will teach you how to extend Makinom or use it in your own scripts.

New tutorials will be added on a regular basis, so come by more often!

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Getting Started

If you’re new to Makinom, it’s best to start with the how-tos on schematics and machines to learn about the core concept of the workflow. Afterwards, it’s good to read more about the Makinom editor and the node editor.

Finally, you should look into variables and game states – these topics will also be covered in various gameplay tutorial series.

Once you’ve grasped the basics, it’s recommended to start with one of the beginner game tutorial series, e.g. the Breakout or Space Shooter series.

If you’re looking for a greater challenge, try one of the intermediate or advanced game tutorial series, e.g. the Survival Shooter or the 2D Roguelike.

Using Tutorials

Tutorials will often contain additional information by giving an example (e.g. use case for a machine component) or defining a specific setting (e.g. enabling an option). This will be highlighted by a surrounding box.

Examples will be displayed in a green box:

This is an example.

Tips will be displayed in a yellow box:

This is a tip.

Specific settings that should be changed or defined will be displayed in a grey box:

  • Setting Name
    Set the setting to this value.

Basics and General Knowledge


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Game Tutorial Series

2D Platformer

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2D Roguelike

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Match 3

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Space Shooter

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Survival Shooter

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