Editor Section

The Editor section contains mostly settings and informations related to the Makinom editor.

About #

The About sub-section displays information about your current Makinom version and contains links to resources (e.g. tutorials or the community) and allows changing the current project or creating a new project.

Editor Settings #

The Editor Settings sub-section contains settings for the Makinom editor’s layout and usability.

You can also export editor help texts (CSV) and select a translated help text file (also CSV).

Backups #

The Backups sub-section is used to define the number of backups that are kept and allows restoring backups.

Each time you save in the Makinom editor (and having Create Backup enabled in the save confirmation), the last saved state is stored as a backup. Backups will package everything in the Makinom data folder (Assets/Gaming Is Love/_Data/) into a unitypackage file.

Restoring a backup has to be done using the Makinom editor, as otherwise it might come to Unity GUID conflicts that can damage your project.

Variables #

The Variables sub-section lists the variable keys that have already been defined in the Makinom editor, schematics and scenes. You can also scan the settings for any new variable keys. Scanning the schematics will also show the schematics that use a variable key (needs to be re-scanned when opening the editor again).

These variable keys will be available for selection in variable fields by using the drop-down button on the right side of the field. You can also define variable keys to make them available in selections when they haven’t been used yet. It is not required to define variable keys here – it’s just used to give you an overview of the already used variable keys.

Learn more about variables here.

Replace Variable Keys #

You can replace variable keys in the whole project, e.g. if you have a typo or want to reflect functionality changes in variable keys this is a quick and easy way to change variable keys.

Replacing the variable key in settings, scenes, prefabs and schematics can be enabled/disabled separately.

Plugins #

The Plugins sub-section allows managing plugins for Makinom. Plugins can be used to add content and store custom settings in the Makinom project asset without changing the source code of Makinom.