Video Player Nodes

Add schematic nodes for Video Player support.

Video Player lets you play back video files and is a built-in package of Unity.

These nodes are available for free, the latest version is 1.0.0.

Download Nodes

Adding the Nodes #

Before importing the nodes into your Unity project, make sure you’ve got Makinom imported in it. You’ll need at least Makinom 2.0.0.

The nodes will be imported into Assets/Gaming Is Love/Makinom 2/Plugins/SchematicNodes/, but you can move it to a different location if you want.

After importing, you have the nodes available in schematics in Add Nodes > Animation > Video Player.

Available Nodes #

The following nodes are available.

Change Video Player Clip #

Changes the video clip of a Video Player component.

Play Video Player #

Starts, pauses or stops the playback of a ‘Video Player’ component. Also allows preparing the playback engine or advancing the current time by one frame.

Check Video Player State #

Checks the state of a Video Player component (e.g. is playing). If the check is valid, Success will be executed, otherwise Failed.