Cinemachine Nodes

Add schematic nodes for Cinemachine support.

Cinemachine is a procedural camera system available for free in the Unity Package Manager.

These nodes are available for free, the latest version is 1.0.0.

Download Nodes

Adding the Nodes #

Before importing the nodes into your Unity project, make sure you’ve got Makinom and Cinemachine imported in it. You’ll need at least Makinom 2.0.0 and Cinemachine 2.7.1.

The nodes will be imported into Assets/Gaming Is Love/Makinom 2/Plugins/SchematicNodes/, but you can move them to a different location if you want.

After importing, you have the nodes available in schematics in Add Nodes > Animation > Cinemachine.

Available Nodes #

The following nodes are available.

CM Is Blending #

Checks if Cinemachine is currently blending. If Cinemachine is blending, Blending will be executed next, otherwise Not Blending.