Save Game Compression Plugin

Compress Makinom save games with this plugin.

This plugin allows compressing Makinom save game data to reduce file size. E.g. storing terrain changes (using Terrain nodes in schematics) can result in big save game files.

The plugin is available for free, the latest version is 1.0.0.

Download Plugin

Adding the Plugin #

Before importing the plugin into your Unity project, make sure you’ve got Makinom imported in it. You’ll need at least Makinom 2.0.0 to support the plugin.

The plugin will be imported into Assets/Gaming Is Love/Makinom 2/Plugins/SaveGameCompression/, but you can move it to a different location if you want.

Adding to Makinom #

To add the plugin to Makinom, open the Makinom editor and navigate to Editor > Plugins. Either add a new plugin or change an existing one (e.g. if you haven’t added a plugin yet, you can edit the default plugin).

  • Plugin Name
    Set to Save Game Compression.
    You can also use a different name – this is only for displaying it in the Makinom editor.
  • Plugin
    Select Save Game Compression.
    If it isn’t available, you’ve either not imported the plugin or run into a compilation error, check the Unity console in that case.

After selecting the Plugin, the plugin’s settings should load.

You don’t need to enable any of the Call Settings in this plugin.

Don’t forget to save your changes.

Save Game Compression #

Compressed save games can’t be opened any longer when disabling compression or removing the plugin. However, uncompressed save games can also be opened with compression enabled. It’s recommended to disable save game encryption (found in the Makinom editor at: Menus > Save Game Menu) when using compression.

To compress save games, change the following setting in the plugin’s Compression Settings.

  • Compress Save Games
    Enable this setting.

The plugin uses the #ziplib C# compression library – the required DLL file will be imported with the plugin.