Makinom 2.9.0 is here with 16 new features, changes and fixes!

This update adds new editor features, a float value type and checks and other new features, changes and fixes.

Download the latest version of Makinom here.

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  • Editor: Copy-Paste Context Menu: You can now use a context menu (via context-click) to copy settings to the clipboard and paste them on other, compatible settings.
  • Editor: Sub-Sections: Search field available to search for sub-sections. Searches the sub-sections of all sections, listing the found matches. Clicking on one will open the section and sub-section.
  • Float Values: Selected Data Count: ‘Selected Data Count’ value type available. Uses the number of content stored in a selected data key as value.
  • Value Checks: Range Inclusive Lower: ‘Range Inclusive Lower’ check type available. Checks if the value is between the two defined check values, including value 1, excluding value 2 (>= v1, < v2).
  • Value Checks: Range Inclusive Upper: ‘Range Inclusive Upper’ check type available. Checks if the value is between the two defined check values, excluding value 1, including value 2 (> v1, <= v2).
  • Schematics: Shake Camera, Shake Object: ‘Shake Rotation’ setting available. Optionally shake the rotation of the camera/object instead of the position.
  • Schematics: Value Option Dialogue: New text codes available. Use ‘<startvalue>’ to add the original/start value and ‘<change>’ to add the change (to the start value) in value inputs.
  • Unity UI: HUD Selected Data List Component: ‘HUD Selected Data List’ component available. Lists content stored in selected data by spawning a prefab for each content. Using other content components on the prefab allows to display content information, e.g. name or icon of the content (if available).


  • Flying Texts: Schematics: Using a schematic to animate a flying texts will now set the initial color of the flying text to be fully transparent (A=0). I.e. you need to use a ‘Change UI Color’ node set or fade the color of the flying text. This is needed to prevent the flying text from initially display with full alpha for a frame before the schematic starts.
  • Editor: Data Listing: Search, Filter & Sort: The search field is now always visible, filter and sorting options only when the ‘Search, Filter & Sort’ foldout is expanded.
  • Unity UI: UI Boxes, HUDs: Switching between regular canvas and world space canvas now resets some rect transform values to those of the original prefab.
  • Screen Fades: Screen fades are now performed using unscaled delta time.


  • Schematics: Destroy Prefab: Fixed an issue where destroying all spawned prefabs (via prefab ID ‘-1’) didn’t destroy all instances.
  • Screen Fades: Fixed an issue where screen fades starting while the game was paused didn’t progress until the game is unpaused. Now, if a screen fade is started in pause, it’ll also execute in pause.
  • Unity UI Components: Added an automatic workaround for Unity UI components going missing when a project’s library is rebuild.
  • Unity UI: Inputs: Fixed an issue where drag-scrolling was interpreted as clicking on an input.