Makinom 2.15.2 is here with a new features!

This update small update adds support for UI layouts to most settings that use UI boxes, new lowest/highest value selections when using variable lists and changes reflection parameters to an extensible class (e.g. usined in function nodes).

Download the latest version of Makinom here.

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  • UI Box Selections: ‘UI Layout’ settings available for most ‘UI Box’ selection settings. Optionally use a UI layout for the displayed UI box.
  • Variable Lists: ‘Lowest’ and ‘Highest’ list origins available. Getting a variable from a variable list now allows getting the lowest/highest value (int/float), the value with shortest/longest distance to 0-vector (Vector3) or the shortest/longest text (string).
  • Scripting: Reflection: Parameters and fields are now extensible settings. Extend from ‘BaseParameterType’ and ‘BaseSchematicParameterType’ to add new value types.


  • Mouse/Touch Controls: Fixed an issue where using ‘Start’ mode recognized the mouse as pressed without releasing it.