Makinom 2.15.0 is here with 14 new features, changes and fixes!

This update adds new functionality to game states, allows spawning UI prefabs on UI layers via schematics and other new features, changes and fixes.

Download the latest version of Makinom here.

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  • Game States: ‘Active State Schematics’ and ‘Inactive State Schematics’ settings available. Optionally execute schematics when a game state is set active or inactive.
  • UI Boxes: ‘Block Focus Cursor Over’ setting available. Optionally block the ‘Focus Cursor Over’ setting (defined in general settings for UI boxes) for the UI box. The UI box will not be focused automatically when the cursor is over it.
  • Schematics: Read Text File, Read Text File Lines: ‘Decrypt Data’ setting available. Optionally decrypt the text using the save game encryption.
  • Schematics: Write Text File, Write Text File Lines: ‘Encrypt Data’ setting available. Optionally encrypt the text using the save game encryption.
  • Auto Machines: Notify Start: ‘Game State Change’ type available. Start the machine when defined game state changed to a defined state.
  • Unity UI: Schematics: Spawn UI Prefab: ‘Spawn UI Prefab’ node available in ‘UI > UI Components’ nodes. Spawns a prefab on a selected UI layer’s canvas.


  • HUDs: Navigation Bar: Navigation Points: HUD elements on navigation points can now access object variables and similar things in case the point represents a game object (e.g. ‘Interactin’ or ‘Marker’ nav points).


  • Editor, Play Mode, UI: Fixed an issue where having the editor open while entering play mode could cause issues with the UI not being displayed. This only occured when using ‘Domain Reload’ in the Unity editor settings.
  • Editor, Play Mode: Fixed an issue where using ‘Accept Timeout’ wasn’t reset when stopping play mode and not using domain reload.
  • Save Games: Fixed an issue where checking if continue is available could report false at the start of a game, even when a save game to continue was available.
  • HUDs: Navigation Bar: Fixed an issue where position-based navigation markers could lead to an additional marker in their scene due to not cleaning out the previous scene’s marker.
  • Animations: Mecanim: Fixed an issue where animation durations where reported wrong when using a different animation speed.
  • Selected Data: Fixed an issue where getting a single component from selected data was only returned when it was attached to a game object stored in selected data, not if the component itself was stored.
  • Schematics: Fixed an issue where overriding a schematic’s prefabs or audio clips on play could cause an error if the schematic doesn’t have any defined prefabs/audio clips.