Makinom 2.15.3 is here with new schematic nodes!

This update small update adds new schematic nodes and a few other changes and fixes.

Download the latest version of Makinom here.

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  • Schematics: Store NavMesh Path: ‘Store NavMesh Path’ node available in ‘Movement > NavMesh’ nodes. Stores the current path (corners) of a NavMesh agent into a Vector 3 variable list.
  • Schematics: Change Line Renderer Positions: ‘Change Line Renderer Positions’ node available in ‘Game Object > Renderer’ nodes. Sets the positions of a ‘Line Renderer’ component using a Vector 3 variable list.
  • Schematics: Show Dialogue: Notification: ‘Max Display Count’ setting available when using ‘Queue’ notification mode. Defines how many notification can be displayed at the same time before being queued.


  • Tagged Machine Components: A tagged machine will now be registered when it’s component is enabled (and unregistered when disabled), greatly improving performance for the ‘Search Tagged Machines’ node and other tagged machine nodes accessing all in the scene. You can access all registered tagged machines via scripting using ‘TaggedMachineComponent.Available’.


  • Schematics: Change Rotation: Fixed an issue where using intpolation could result in different rotation directions based on the current rotation of the game object.
  • Schematics: Value Option Dialogue: Custom: Fixed an issue where using custom ‘Int’ values used float variables/PlayerPrefs instead of int.
  • Editor: Filters: Fixed an issue where using filters didn’t change the list on first use.