Makinom 2.15.1 is here with 8 new features, changes and fixes!

This update small update adds a few schematic node features and other new features, changes and fixes.

Download the latest version of Makinom here.

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  • Schematics: Change Position: ‘Use Stop Time’ settings available when using ‘Move’ and ‘Move By Speed’. Optionally define a maximum time the movement can take before automatically stopping.
  • Schematics: Load Scene: ‘Destroy After Run’ setting available when not using ‘Spawn Machine Object’. Destroying the machine object after the schematic finished (after a scene load) is now optional.
  • Unity UI: UI Int/Float Button Input Component: ‘Inverse Horizontal Input’ and ‘Inverse Vertical Input’ settings available. Optionally inverse the value changes coming from horizontal or vertical input, e.g. having left increase and right decrease the value.


  • Plugins: ‘Use GUI Tick’ setting has been removed. GUI tick functionality is no longer supported by plugins. Implement it via a custom component if you need it.


  • Content Information: Fixed an issue where referencing a content itself via text codes (e.g. adding the name of an input key to the description of the same input key) would cause issues in editor popups and in-game.
  • Schematics: Show Dialogue: Choice: Fixed an issue where using ‘Store Selection’ to remember the selected input index didn’t work.
  • Schematics: Change Rotation: Fixed an issue where rotating over time with interpolation and locked axes could result in wrong rotations.
  • Unity UI: UI Boxes, Ok/Cancel Buttons: Fixed an issue where the state of ok/cancel buttons wasn’t updated on changes.