Makinom 2.9.1 is here with a few new features and an important fixes!

This update small update adds 2 new schematic nodes, contains a few other new features and a fix for editor errors regarding ‘GetLastRect’.

Download the latest version of Makinom here.

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  • Schematics: Select UI Base Component: ‘Select UI Base Component’ node available in ‘UI > UI Components’ nodes. Use the ‘UI Box’ or ‘HUD’ component (or anything implementing ‘IUIBase’) attached to a game object to change selected data. Allows using machine components on UI game objects to animate them.
  • Schematics: Is UI Box Focused: ‘Is UI Box Focused’ node available in ‘UI’ nodes. Checks if a UI box stored in selected data is focused or not.
  • Schematics: Rotate Component Settings: ‘Is 2D Look At’ setting available in all nodes using ‘Rotate Component’ settings to define how a game object is rotated. Ensures that ‘look at’ rotations are correct for 2D.
  • Unity UI: UI Selection Cursor Component: ‘Show Only Focused’ setting available. Optionally only show the selection cursor while the UI box is focused. By default disabled (always showing).


  • Editor: Fixed issues related to ‘GetLastRect’ errors in some Unity versions.