Makinom 2.10.0 is here with 16 new features, changes and fixes!

This update adds new settings to automatically stop interactions when the player moves away from them, a new Vector3 and float value type selection and other new features, changes and fixes.

Download the latest version of Makinom here.

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  • Vector3 Values: Game Object Velocity: ‘Game Object Velocity’ value type available. Uses the velocity of a game object, coming from an ‘Object Changes’ component (will be added automatically if not on the game object).
  • Float Values: Initial Value (Formula): ‘Initial Value (Formula)’ value type available. Uses the initial value of the formula (or sub-calculation) as value. Only used in formulas, 0 if used outside of formulas.
  • Game Controls: Interactions: Auto Stop Interaction: ‘Auto Stop Interaction’ settings available. Automatically stop interactions when the player is a defined distance away from it. Has to be enabled in individual interaction components to use it.
  • Schematics: Show Dialogue: ‘Keep Open’ setting available in ‘Message’ dialogue types with ‘Wait’ enabled. The schematic continues after accepting the dialogue, but the dialogue will remain open. Use a ‘Close All Dialogues’ node (or setting in the ‘Settings’ node) to close the schematic’s still open dialogues.
  • Schematics: Select HUD Content Provider: ‘Select HUD Content Provider’ node available in ‘UI > UI Components’ nodes. Use the content/user of a HUD content provider component attached to a game object to change selected data.
  • Interaction Machine Component: Start Settings: ‘Use Auto Stop Distance’ setting available. Optionally use the auto stop distance defined in ‘Base/Control > Game Controls’ to automatically stop the interaction when the player is a defined distance away. Please note that this isn’t used for ‘Multi’ execution types.
  • Camera Events: ‘Set Field of View’ setting available. Changing the camera’s field of view when using a game object for placement is now optional. By default enabled (previous behaviour).
  • Unity UI: UI Line Renderer Component: ‘UI Line Renderer’ component available. Simple UI line renderer component for displaying straight or curved lines.
  • Unity UI: UI Box Component: Input/Tab Settings: ‘Scroll To Center’ setting available. Scrolling to a selected input will try to center the view on it.
  • Unity UI: UI Box Component: Input/Tab Settings: ‘Scroll Padding’ setting available (when not using ‘Scroll To Center’). Scrolling to a selected input can use a padding to the edge of the scroll rect.


  • Unity UI: HUD Input Display (Sprite): Not using ‘Cursor Over Image’ changes will now fall back to the ‘Non-Pressed Image’ changes.


  • Schematics: Is Music Playing: Fixed an issue where not checking for a specific music clip always resulted in ‘Failed’.
  • Camera Events: Fixed an issue where the camera event didn’t work when the player controls wheren’t blocked.
  • Camera Events: Fixed an issue where the ‘Update Position’ setting wasn’t displayed when using a camera position for the camera placement.
  • Unity UI: HUD Icon Bar Content Components: Fixed an issue that caused an error when displaying icon bars.
  • Unity UI: HUD Joystick Control Content, HUD Axis Control Content, HUD Button Control Content: Fixed an issue where closing the HUD during input doesn’t reset the input.