Makinom 2.10.1 is here with a few new features, changes and fixes!

This small update adds a convenient button to quickly add an In Control condition to components and a few changes and fixes. For more new features, check out the latest major release Makinom 2.10.0.

Download the latest version of Makinom here.

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  • Inspector: Component Conditions: ‘Add In Control Condition’ button available in ‘Condition Settings’ of components. Adds a game state condition checking for player control being active. Requires a game state condition that reacts to player control changes.


  • Interaction Controllers: Disabling the interaction controller (component or game object) will now remove all interactions that where recognized by it.


  • Editor: Nodes: Fixed an issue where using the ‘Add Node’ button in the toolbar could cause an error.
  • Editor: Opening a schematic via double click on it’s asset or the ‘Edit Schematic’ button in it’s inspector will now prompt a save dialogue in case the editor is already opened and has data changes (same as changing to schematic section).
  • Unity UI: Fixed an issue with canvas sorting order in Unity 2022.2.