Makinom 2.8.0 is here with 14 new features, changes and fixes!

This small update adds new UI features, a new schematic node to shake UI and other new features, changes and fixes.

Download the latest version of Makinom here.

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  • Float Values: Move Speed: ‘Move Speed’ value type available. Uses the move speed (walk, run, sprint) of a game object (e.g. from ‘Move Speed’ component) as value.
  • Input Keys: Mouse: ‘Axis Without Input’ setting available. The mouse axis input will be set without mouse button input, i.e. the axis is available at all times.
  • Flying Texts: Object Creation: ‘Follow World Position’ setting available. Following the world position (on-screen) where the flying text is positioned is now optional. If disabled, the flying text will be initially displayed on-screen at the world position, but stay on it’s screen position. The text can still be animated and moved using schematics. By default enabled (following world position).
  • HUDs: Tooltip: ‘Needed’ setting available for tooltip checks. Defines if only one or all of the defined tooltip checks must be valid. Defaults to ‘One’ (previous behaviour).
  • HUDs: Tooltip: ‘Is Valid’ setting available in tooltip checks. You can now define if the tooltip/content must or mustn’t be of the defined type. Setting available for each tooltip check individually. By default enabled (must be defined type).
  • Schematics: Shake UI Offset: ‘Shake UI Offset’ node available in ‘UI’ nodes. Shakes a UI box, HUD, flying text or anything implementing the ‘IUIAnimation’ interface stored in selected data. Shaking uses the animation offset of the UI (same as ‘Change UI Offset’ node).
  • Follow Waypoint Path Component: ‘Follow Waypoint Path’ component available. Starts following a defined path when the scene is loaded (or after instantiating the object). Does the same as the ‘Follow Path’ node in schematics.
  • Unity UI: HUD Drop Receiver Component: ‘HUD Drop Receiver’ component available. Uses the HUD’s user (via the used content provider) as target of a drop action (used by ‘IDragOrigin’ implementations, calling the ‘DroppedOnObject’ function). HUD types with drop options will handle dropping automatically, but need this component when used as HUD templates for content in a UI box.
  • Unity UI: HUD Condition Component: ‘HUD User’ condition type available. Checks the user of the HUD/content provider for being of a defined type. Uses ‘Tooltip’ type HUD content checks, but doesn’t require being part of a ‘Tooltip’ type HUD.


  • Waypoint Paths: Inspector: ‘Update Length’ button available to update the displayed path length (doesn’t update automatically).
  • Unity UI: UI Boxes: Dropping something on a UI box will now also check HUDs that are added to the UI box (e.g. via HUD templates).
  • UI Boxes: Inputs: Highlighted inputs now take the input state colors into account.


  • Waypoint Paths: Fixed an issue where using rotation caused an error due to uninitialiized settings.
  • Save Game Settings: Save/Load Menu: Fixed an issue where the cancel input key wasn’t working in the save file selection.