Makinom 1.12.0 is here with new features, changes and fixes!

Download the latest version of Makinom here.

This version is available for Unity 5.6, Unity 2017 and Unity 2018 – downloading with your Unity version in the Asset Store should get you the correct version.

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  • Float Fields
    ‘Vector3 Variable Magnitude’ selection available in all float field type selections. Uses the magnitude (length) or square magnitude (squared length) of a Vector3 variable.
  • Editor: Color Fields
    Added support for HDR color picker.
  • GUI Boxes: Input Field Settings
    ‘Number Input Type” settings available. Define how number value inputs are displayed, either as a ‘Slider’ or as ‘Horizontal Buttons’.
  • HUDs: Toggle Key
    ‘Audio Clip’ settings available. Optionally play an audio clip when using the toggle key.
  • Schematics: Value Input Dialogue
    ‘Accept’ and ‘Cancel’ option types available. Add button inputs to accept or cancel the changes. Using button inputs will hide the ok/cancel buttons of the GUI box.
  • Schematics: Value Input Dialogue
    ‘Number Input’ settings available. Number value inputs can optionally override the setting of the used GUI box and use a different number input type.
  • Schematics: Vector3 Direction
    ‘Vector3 Direction’ node available in ‘Value > Vector’ nodes. Stores the direction from one Vector3 (position) to another into a Vector3 variable.
  • Schematics: Rigidbody Add Force, Rigidbody Add Torque, Rigidbody Position Force
    ‘Force Multiply’ setting available. Multiplies the defined force vector by the defined float value. By default set to 1.


  • GUI Boxes
    Having ‘Select First’ enabled and clicking on a not selected choice button will now play the ‘Cursor Move’ audio clip.


  • Screen Fader
    Fixed an issue where the screen fader didn’t occupy the full screen when using the new UI and high differences between default screen size and actual screen size (e.g. 1080×1920 and 1920×1080).
  • GUI Boxes: New UI
    Fixed an issue where clicking on inactive choices didn’t select the choice when using the new UI.
  • HUDs: Toggle Key
    Fixed an issue where ‘Use While Key’ actually reversed the state.