Small update with some new features, changes and fixes.

Download the latest version of Makinom here.

This version is available for Unity 5.6, Unity 2017 and Unity 2018 – downloading with your Unity version in the Asset Store should get you the correct version.

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  • Music Player
    ‘From Current Time’ setting available. Optionally play music from the currently playing music’s time. This is used per music channel, i.e. you can only play music from the time of the same channel’s current music.
  • Schematics: Show Dialogue
    ‘Not Controlable’ setting available for ‘Message’ type dialogues when not using ‘Wait’. Optionally prevent the player from closing a dialogue when not using the ‘Wait’ option to continue the schematic while showing the dialogue. The dialogue has to be closed using a ‘Close All Dialogues’ node before the schematic ends.
  • Schematics: Game Option Dialogue
    ‘Is PlayerPrefs’ setting available for ‘Custom’ options. Optionally store the values in PlayerPrefs instead of variables.


  • Scripting: Interaction Controller
    The ‘InteractionController’ class has been adjusted to have all functions available for overrides.


  • Editor
    Fixed an issue where having the Makinom editor open while playing resulted in an error.
  • Game Options
    Fixed an issue where changing volumes as integers could result in decreasing volumes when opening the options menu.
  • Schematics: Store Collider Bounds
    Fixed an issue where wrong values where stored when using ‘Random Position’ within a collider.
  • Schematics: Rotate To
    Fixed an issue when fading the rotation.
  • Dialogues, Audio
    Fixed an issue where dialogue audio clips could change the audio source settings (like pitch) of the main Makinom audio player (e.g. for ok/cancel clips).
  • GUI Boxes: Choices
    Fixed an issue where choice buttons where not shown in their proper normal state when opening a GUI box using the new UI.