New schematic nodes, multi-node selection in the node editor, animation machines supporting animation events and other new features, changes and fixes.

Download the latest version of Makinom here – or get the latest version in the Unity® Asset Store.


  • Node Editor
    You can now select, edit, delete, move, copy and clipboard copy/paste multiple nodes.
    To select multiple nodes, hold the shift key while clicking on them.
  • Node Editor
    ‘Paste Settings’ button and context menu option (on node) available after copying a node to the clipboard.
    Pastes the settings of a node on another node – only available when both nodes are of the same type.
  • Animation Machines
    ‘Animation Event Int’, ‘Animation Event Float’ and ‘Animation Event String’ start types available.
    Use these start types when you want to start the animation machine fron animation events.
    Optionally allows checking the int/float/string parameter that was passed on from the animation.
  • Collision Machines, Trigger Machines, Scene Changers
    ‘Start By Root’ setting available.
    Optionally starts the machine only when the starting object’s root object causes the collision/trigger event.
    By default disabled.
  • Input Keys: Unity Input Manager
    ‘Is Joypad Axis’ setting available.
    Enable this when the used Unity input manager key is a joypad axis to support down, hold and up actions.
  • GUI Boxes: Choice Settings
    ‘Define Choice Height’ settings available.
    Optionally defines the height of choices – content exceeding the height will not be visible.
    If disabled, the choice height is adjusted to the content of the choice.
  • Schematic Nodes: Change Music Volume
    ‘Change Music Volume’ node available.
    Changes the music volume – either sets or fades the volume.
    This will change the overall music volume, not the volume of the currently playing music.
  • Schematic Nodes: Change Sound Volume
    ‘Change Sound Volume’ node available.
    Changes the sound volume – either sets or fades the volume.
    Already playing audio clps will not be updated by this.
  • Schematic Nodes: Change Camera Options
    ‘Field of View’ settings available.
    Optionally changes the field of view of a camera.
  • Schematic Nodes: Shake Camera
    ‘Shake X-Axis’, ‘Shake Y-Axis’ and ‘Shake Z-Axis’ settings available.
    You can now optionally shake the camera on each axis.
    By default shakes on the X-axis.
  • Schematic Nodes: Start Machine, Start Tagged Machine
    ‘Copy Variables’ setting available when using ‘Share Local Variables’.
    The started machine will optionally use a copied set of variables instead of using the same variables.
    Changes to copied variables will not be available in the schematic that started the machine.
  • Schematic Nodes: NavMesh Remaining Distance
    ‘NavMesh Remaining Distance’ node available.
    Checks the remaining distance of NavMesh agents to their destinations.
  • Schematic Nodes: Check Angle
    ‘Use Absolute Value’ setting available.
    Uses the absolute value of the angle for the check, e.g. -90 will become 90.
  • Schematic Nodes: Vector3 Check Distance
    ‘Vector3 Check Distance’ node available.
    Checks the distance between 2 Vector3 values against a defind value.
  • Rotation Component Settings
    ‘Rotation Function’ setting available when using ‘Transform’ rotation component (used in ‘Rotation’, ‘Movement’ and other nodes).
    Either directly ‘Set’ the rotation or use the ‘Rotate’ function of the transform when rotating a game object.
    By default set to ‘Set’ (also used when using ‘Auto’ component).