New terrain schematic nodes, new UI components, automatically stop machines and other new features, changes and fixes.

Please note that Makinom now requires Unity 5.1 – and due to deprecation of Untiy features, using textures as alpha masks is no longer supported. You now need to use materials directly, a default alpha mask material can be defind in Menus > Menu Settings. If you’re using alpha masks, please update the settings of your images (e.g. in HUDs).

Download the latest version of Makinom here – or get the latest version in the Unity® Asset Store.


  • Unity 5.1
    Makinom now requires Unity 5.1.
  • Update UI Text Components
    ‘Update UI Text’ component available.
    Updates the text of a selected ‘Text’ component.
    Can use text codes to show Makinom information (e.g. variables) and special text codes to display scene object information (e.g. name, description).
  • Update UI Slider Components
    ‘Update UI Slider’ component available.
    Updates the value (and min/max values) of a selected ‘Slider’ component.
    Can use float values (e.g. from variables, inputs, etc.).
  • Machine Components
    ‘Auto Stop Machine’ settings available.
    Optionally continue to check the machine’s start conditions in running schematics and stop them if the conditions are invalid.
  • Animation Machines
    ‘Animation Event’ start type available.
    Use this start type when you want to start the animation machine from animation events or using UI UnityEvents.
    Use the ‘AnimationEvent’ function (without parameters) to start the machine.
  • Animation Machines
    ‘UI Game Object’ start type available.
    Starts when used by UI components firing UnityEvents with a GameObject parameter.
  • Menu Settings
    ‘Default Mask Texture’ setting available.
    Select the material that will be used for texture masks.
    Can optionally be overridden by each image that uses texture masks.
  • Schematic Nodes: Is On NavMesh
    ‘Is On NavMesh’ node available.
    Checks if a NavMesh agent is currently bound to a NavMesh.
  • Schematic Nodes: Store Sample Position
    ‘Store Sample Position’ node available in ‘Movement > NavMesh’ nodes.
    Stores the closest position on a NavMesh within a defind range of a source position into a Vector3 variable.
  • Schematic Nodes: Raycast, Shapecast
    ‘Store On Hit Object’ setting available.
    Optionally store variables (e.g. the hit point) in object variables on the game object that was hit by the cast.
  • Schematic Nodes: Raycast, Shapecast
    Additional hit information can be stored into variables.
    Optionally store 3D (e.g. barycentric coordinates) and 2D (e.g. centroid) hit information.
  • Schematic Nodes: Check Start Conditions
    ‘Check Start Conditions’ node available in ‘Machine’ nodes.
    Checks the start conditions (e.g. game state conditions, variable conditions) of the machine that started the schematic.
    If the schematic wasn’t started by a machine, the check is always valid.
  • Schematic Nodes: Is Terrain
    ‘Is Terrain’ node available in ‘Game Object > Terrain’ nodes.
    Checks if a game object is a terrain.
  • Schematic Nodes: Is In Terrain Space
    ‘Is In Terrain Space’ node available in ‘Game Object > Terrain’ nodes.
    Checks if a position is within a terrain’s space.
    The position can be defind in world space, terrain space, alpha map and height map position.
    A position is in a terrain’s space if all axes of the converted position are between 0 and 1.
  • Schematic Nodes: Transform Terrain Space
    ‘Transform Terrain Space’ node available in ‘Game Object > Terrain’ nodes.
    Transforms a position to or from terrain space and stores the result into a Vector3 variable.
    The position can be defind and transformed to world space, terrain space, alpha map or height map position.
  • Schematic Nodes: Change Terrain Height
    ‘Change Terrain Height’ node available in ‘Game Object > Terrain’ nodes.
    Changes the height of a terrain (heightmap) at a defined position.
  • Schematic Nodes: Terrain Texture Fork
    ‘Terrain Texture Fork’ node available in ‘Game Object > Terrain’ nodes.
    Checks the main texture at a position on a terrain.
    If a texture matches, it’s next node will be executed.
  • Schematic Nodes: Change Terrain Alpha Map
    ‘Change Terrain Alpha Map’ node available in ‘Game Object > Terrain’ nodes.
    Changes the alpha value of a defined texture index of a terrain at a defind position.


  • Images: Texture Masks
    Due to creating materials through a shader in string form is deprecated, the ‘Alpha Mask Texture’ setting has been removed in all image settings.
    You now have to use a material instead, either define a default material in ‘Menus > Menu Settings’ or in the image’s settings.


  • Global Machines
    Fixed an issue with global machines not starting when using ‘Start Game’ in the game starter.
  • Animation Machines
    Fixed some issues with the new ‘Animation Event’ start types.
  • Auto Machines
    Fixed an issue with ‘Repeat Execution’ isn’t repeated after failed game state checks.
  • Machine Component Inspectors
    Fixed an issue where creating a new schematic when the machine already had a schematic selected opened the old schematic.