Makinom 1.19.0 is here with a few changes and fixes!

This version is available for Unity 5.6, Unity 2017, Unity 2018 and Unity 2019 – downloading with your Unity version in the Asset Store should get you the correct version.

If you’re enjoying Makinom (or ORK Framework) and the free updates, tutorials and support I’m providing, please consider supporting me as a patron on patreon.com. Download the latest version of Makinom here.

Please note that due to the release of Makinom 2, all Makinom 1 content has been moved, you can now find it in the Makinom 1 Hub.


  • Schematics: Raycast
    ‘Layer Mask’ and ‘Origin Offset’ are now advanced value selection fields. Old settings will be updated automatically.
  • Cameras
    If no camera is tagged as ‘Main Camera’, Makinom will use the first available camera in the scene (via ‘Camera.allCameras’). Makinom needs to know about a camera to correctly position world position based GUI elements, e.g. flying texts.


  • Scene Objects
    Fixed an issue where cursor changes (and tooltips) where not changed when the scene object becomes unavailable (e.g. due to variable conditions) while the cursor is over the game object.
  • Scene Changes
    Changing scenes (e.g. using ‘Scene Changer’) didn’t continue fading in and spawning the player when defining the scene name with the folder the scene was in (e.g. ‘Folder/SceneName’ instead of just ‘SceneName’).
  • Formulas
    Using ‘Use Minimum Value’ and ‘Use Maximum Value’ at the same time lead to only using the minimum value check.