Makinom 1.16.0 is here with new features, changes and fixes!

The main features of this update are the new custom text codes and short names. You can define custom text codes in Menus > Text Codes, scene objects (including scene object types and components) can overrule these text codes, e.g. creating individual dialogue messages based on the used actor (using a scene object).

This version is available for Unity 5.6, Unity 2017, Unity 2018 and Unity 2019 – downloading with your Unity version in the Asset Store should get you the correct version.

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  • Input Keys, Languages, Scene Object Types, Scene Objects
    ‘Short Name’ setting available. Define a separate, shorter name – the name is used if no short name is defined. Short names can be added to UI and dialogues using text codes.
  • Custom Text Codes
    ‘Text Codes’ sub-section available in the ‘Menus’ section. Define custom text codes that can be used in other texts and dialogues. Scene objects can overrule these text codes if they’re used on speaker actors in dialogues.
  • Scene Objects, Scene Object Types: Custom Text Codes
    ‘Custom Text Codes’ settings available. Scene objects, scene object types and scene object components can define custom text codes which will overrule the default custom text codes defined in ‘Menus > Text Codes’. Dialogues using a speaker will use the actor’s text codes.
  • Game Controls, GUI Boxes: Menu Controls
    ‘Accept Left Click’, ‘Accept Middle Click’ and ‘Accept Right Click’ settings available. Define which mouse buttons can be used to accept a choice when clicking on it. GUI boxes can override the default controls defined in the game controls.
  • Game Controls: Interactions
    ‘In Children’ and ‘From Root’ settings available in the ‘Click Interaction’ settings. Defines if interactions are searched in child objects (by default enabled) and from the root game object (by default disabled) of the clicked game object.
  • GUI Layouts: Move Settings
    ‘Move Settings’ available. Optionally move GUI boxes to their new positions instead of setting them directly.
  • HUDs
    ‘Update By Selected Object’ setting availabe in all HUD types. Optionally update the HUD’s content when the selected object changed.
  • Schematics
    ‘Close All Dialogues’ setting available. Optionally closes all GUI boxes opened by the schematic when the schematic ends. By default disabled.
  • Schematics, Formulas: Store Field
    The ‘Store Field’ node now has a ‘Failed’ next slot in case a variable wasn’t set (e.g. due to not finding the field/property). Old settings will be updated to link both ‘Success’ and ‘Failed’ slots to the old setting’s ‘Next’ slot to prevent schematics/formulas from ending early.
  • Schematics, Formulas: Store Function Result
    The ‘Store Function Result’ node now has a ‘Failed’ next slot in case a variable wasn’t set (e.g. due to not the function call failing). Old settings will be updated to link both ‘Success’ and ‘Failed’ slots to the old setting’s ‘Next’ slot to prevent schematics/formulas from ending early.
  • Schematics: Change Fields, Check Fields
    ‘Use Array’ settings available for fields/properties. Optionally uses the field/property as an array, using the value of a defined index.
  • Schematics: Rigidbody2D Body Type
    ‘Rigidbody2D Body Type’ node available in ‘Game Object > Rigidbody’ nodes. Changes the physical behaviour type (body type) of a ‘Rigidbody2D’.
  • Editor: Add Buttons
    Buttons to add new settings (e.g. adding new HUD elements) will now also be displayed after the last settings, i.e. you on longer have to scroll back up in case there’s a lot of settings.


  • Interaction Controller
    Disabling an interaction while it is within the trigger of an ‘Interaction Controller’ component could cause the interaction to be interactable after moving away and reenabling the interaction.
  • Interactions
    Fixed a potential issue with click interactions.
  • Schematics: Change Position
    Fixed an issue where moving by speed only on the Y-axis didn’t move at all.
  • HUDs: New UI
    Scroll bars where not interactable in some HUDs when using the new UI.
  • Formulas: Vector3 Magnitude
    Adding a ‘Vector3 Magnitude’ node caused an error in the editor.
  • Schematics: UI Text
    Fixed an issue that caused an error when loading a schematic with an ‘UI Text’ node that doesn’t set the font of the component.