Makinom 1.15.0 is here with new features, changes and fixes!

Download the latest version of Makinom here.

The main feature of this update is the new GUI Layout feature – learn more it in this how-to.

This version is available for Unity 5.6, Unity 2017, Unity 2018 and Unity 2019 – downloading with your Unity version in the Asset Store should get you the correct version.

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  • GUI Layouts
    ‘GUI Layouts’ sub-section available in ‘Menus’ section. GUI layouts can be used to place GUI boxes (e.g. in HUDs) on a defined layout, ignoring the position and anchor of the GUI boxes. GUI layouts can als be used to align content from different sources (e.g. different HUDs).
  • Input Keys: Input Key: ‘Negate Input’ setting available for added input keys. Optionally negate the checked input when considering if an input happened for the combined input of all keys. E.g. use this to allow input if ‘Shift’ isn’t held instead of held down.
  • Game Settings: Asset Settings
    ‘Default Load Type’ setting available. Define how asset bundles will be loaded, either using ‘Load From File’ (default) or ‘Load From Memory’. Assets overriding the asset bundle path will also define a different load type.
  • Menu Settings
    ‘Focus Left Click’, ‘Focus Middle Click’ and ‘Focus Right Click’ settings available. Defines if left/middle/right mouse button clicks can be used to change focus to a GUI box. Using the left mouse button is by default enabled.
  • HUDs
    ‘GUI Layout’ settings available. Optionally use a GUI layout to place the HUD’s GUI box.
  • HUDs
    ‘Click To Foreground’ setting available. Optionally bring a HUD’s GUI box to the foreground of its GUI layer when clicking on it. If the currently focused GUI box is on the same layer it’ll still be in front of the HUD.
  • Schematics: Actors
    ‘Selected Data’ actor type available. Optionally use game objects stored in selected data as an actor. The game object is selected whenever the actor is used in a node, i.e. changing the selected data will also change the actor for the following nodes.
  • Schematics: Change Scene Object
    ‘Change Scene Object’ node available in ‘Game Object > Component’ nodes. Changes the scene object used by a ‘Scene Object’ component.


  • Node Editor
    Pasting nodes from clipboard will now place them on the currently viewed layer instead of the layer they where copied from.
  • Legacy GUI
    Performance improvements when using the ‘Legacy GUI’ GUI system. Depending on the use case, this can improve performance up to 50%.


  • Schematics: Change Input ID
    Fixed an issue where selecting a ‘Change Input ID’ node caused errors.
  • Pooling
    Fixed an issue where game object pools where initialized twice when starting the game (‘Game Starter’ component).
  • HUDs: Control
    Fixed an issue where input keys used in fixed udpate didn’t recognize HUD inputs.
  • HUDs: Tooltip
    Fixed an issue where the tooltip’s GUI box flashes if it’s displayed between the cursor and the content causing the tooltip.
  • Editor
    Fixed an issue where maximizing and minimizing a docked editor caused an error.
  • Update UI Text, Update UI Slider
    Fixed an issue that caused errors in the inspector of these components.
  • GUI Boxes: Choices
    Fixed an issue where using icon size didn’t adjust the size of choice button icons.