Makinom 2.16.0 is here, adding support for Unity 6!

This update adds support for Unity 6, root motion for NavMesh Agent movement components and a few other new features, changes and fixes.

Download the latest version of Makinom here.

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  • Unity 6: Makinom 2 now supports Unity 6.
  • Movement Components: Nav Mesh Agent: ‘Use Root Motion’ settings available. Optionally use an ‘Animator’ component’s root motion for position changes instead of the NavMesh agent.
  • Save Games: Auto Save Slots: ‘Use Delete Key’ setting available in auto save slot selections. Optionally allow deleting existing auto save slots in the auto save slot selection.
  • Schematics: Unity Console: ‘Add Schematic Name’ setting available. Optionally add the name of the schematic at the start of the console output. By default enabled, adding the name.


  • Schematics, Machine Components: Resource Overrides: Overriding prefabs will now use the pooling settings defined in the schematic. Previously pooling was ignored when the prefab was replaced by an override.


  • Formulas: Selected Data: Fixed an issue where formula didn’t create their own local selected data unless they where forwarded local data from their call (e.g. a schematic).
  • Text Codes: Fixed an issue where text codes for sub-data where not used.
  • Save Games: Auto Save Slots: Fixed an issue where auto save slot selection could use the wrong slot.
  • Spawn Points: Fixed an issue that could result in wrong spawn positions when using a 2D collider to define a spawn area.