Small update with some new schematic nodes and other new features, changes and fixes.

Download the latest version of Makinom here – or get the latest version in the Unity® Asset Store.

As of this version, the free test version of Makinom is now completely unlimted, i.e. no watermark, no data/time limits and you’re allowed to use it in commercial projects. Makinom’s versions are now titled Makinom Free and Makinom Pro, the only difference being the Pro version including the gameplay source code. Also, Makinom Pro is from now on available at $35 in the Unity Asset Store!

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  • Editor Settings
    ‘Language Selection’ settings available. Handles how settings for different languages are displayed and selected in the editor. Either ‘List’ all settings, select the language with a ‘Popup’ or ‘Buttons’ and only show the selected language’s settings.
  • String Fields
    ‘GUID’ selection available in all string field type selections. Creates a new, unique GUID string.
  • Game Settings: Audio Settings
    ‘Initial Music Channel’ settings available. Optionally add music channels at the start of the game with a defined start volume and audio mixer group output.
  • Save Game Menu: Store Game Options
    ‘Store Game Options’ settings available. Optionally store the language, sound volume and music volume outside of save games. Changes to these settings will be stored in PlayerPrefs and loaded when starting the application. The settings are still also saved/loaded with save games.
  • Save Game Menu
    ‘All Auto Save Slots’ setting available in ‘Load Game Menu’ settings. Optionally show all auto save slots, displaying unused slots as inactive buttons.
  • Save Game Menu
    ‘Custom Skin’ settings available in ‘Save Game Menu’ and ‘Load Game Menu’ settings. Optionally use custom choice skins for file and empty file buttons.
  • Menu Settings, GUI Boxes: GUI Skins
    ‘Limit To Scrollbar’ setting available when using the new UI. Optionally disable scrolling by dragging and mouse wheel.
  • GUI Boxes
    ‘Reset Unity Input’ setting available. Resetting Unity inputs when accepting/canceling a GUI box is now optional per GUI box. Disable this setting when you want to use a ‘Hold’ input key to skip through dialogues. By default enabled.
  • GUI Boxes
    ‘Own Key Scroll Speed’ settings available. Optionally override the default key scroll speed defined in the menu settings for a GUI box.
  • GUI Boxes, Game Controls
    ‘Use Scroll Axis’ settings available. Optionally define an input key that is used to scroll the content of a GUI box.
  • GUI Boxes: Choice Settings
    ‘Offset To Text’ setting available. Defines the offset between the text and choices. Only used if there is content before the choices.
  • HUDs: Value Bars
    ‘From Zero’ setting available when using icons to display value bars. Optionally start the icon display from 0 instead of the minimum value. E.g. a current value of 4 would display 4 icons from zero, but 3 from a minimum value of 1.
  • Schematic Nodes: Auto Save
    ‘Show Message’ setting available. Showing the auto save message is now optional.
  • Schematic Nodes: Reset Input Axes
    ‘Reset Unity Input’ setting available. Resetting Unity inputs is now optional when resetting inputs. If disabled, only resets Makinom’s internal input keys. By default enabled.
  • Schematic Nodes: Set Audio Source Output
    ‘Set Audio Source Output’ node available in ‘Animation + Audio/Audio Mixer’ nodes. Sets the output of audio sources to a defined auto group mixer.
  • Schematic Nodes: Set Music Channel Output
    ‘Set Music Channel Output’ node available in ‘Animation + Audio/Audio Mixer’ nodes. Sets the output of a music channel to a defined auto group mixer.
  • Schematic Nodes: Shake Object
    ‘Shake Object’ node available in ‘Movement > Movement’ nodes. Shakes a game object.


  • Schematic Nodes: Show Flying Text
    ‘Show Notification’ node has been renamed to ‘Show Flying Text. The game object created for flying texts is now named ‘_FlyingText’ instead of ‘_DisplayText’.


  • GUI Boxes: New UI
    Fixed issues where choice buttons could flash when fading in/out a GUI box.
  • GUI Boxes: Name Box
    Fixed an issue where the name box wasn’t placed correctly when not using ‘Relative Bounds’ and the new UI.
  • HUDs
    Fixed an issue where anchoring HUD elements from right to left could change the layout when using the ‘Outside Bounds’ setting or the new UI.