New editor convenience functionality, new date and time nodes, new networking nodes and other new features, changes and fixes.

Download the latest version of Makinom here.

This version is available for both Unity 5.6 and Unity 2017.1 – downloading with your Unity version in the Asset Store should get you the correct version.

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Please note that the ORK-Makinom Connection plugin has also been updated.


  • Editor Settings
    ‘Allow View Limiting’ setting available. You can optionally allow showing only one base foldout at a time. Adds navigation buttons above and below the settings and a popup field to the foldout quick jump list. A double click on a foldout in the jump list will also limit the view to the parent base foldout. By default enabled.
  • String Fields
    ‘Date and Time’ selection available in all string field type selections. Uses the current date and time as a formatted string (e.g. ‘2017-12-31 17:05:01’).
  • Float Fields
    Time of Day: ‘Is UTC’ setting available for ‘Time of Day’ float type selections. Optionally use the time of day in UTC format instead of local time.
  • Plugins
    Plugins can now also be provided as scripts instead of DLLs.
  • GUI Boxes
    Open/Close Box Behaviour: ‘Audio Clip’ settings available. Optionally play an audio clip when opening or closing a GUI box.
  • Schematics: Change Date and Time
    ‘Change Date and Time’ node available in ‘Value > Date and Time’ nodes. Changes a date/time string using a float value, e.g. adding 5 hours to a date/time.
  • Schematics: Check Date and Time
    ‘Check Date and Time’ node available in ‘Value > Date and Time’ nodes. Checks a date/time string against a defined date/time string. E.g. check if a date/time is before a defined date/time or between two defined dates/times.
  • Schematics: Date and Time to Float
    ‘Date and Time to Float’ node available in ‘Value > Date and Time’ nodes. Stores a date/time string as a float variable. Either stores the whole date/time value in seconds (since 1-1-1970), or stores parts of it, e.g. the second, hour or year.
  • Schematics: Date And Time Difference
    ‘Date and Time Difference’ node available in ‘Value > Date and Time’ nodes. Stores the difference between 2 date/time values (string) in as a float variable, e.g. the whole difference in seconds or only the seconds difference.
  • Schematics: WWW Call
    ‘WWW Call’ node available in ‘Networking > Networking’ nodes. Does a WWW call with a defined URL and optionally waits for the call to finish. Can optionally store the progress in a float variable (e.g. for a progress bar HUD).
  • Schematics: Store WWW Text
    ‘Store WWW Text’ node available in ‘Networking > Networking’ nodes. Stores the result of a WWW call into a string variable.
  • Schematics: Store WWW Texture
    ‘Store WWW Texture’ node available in ‘Networking > Networking’ nodes. Stores a texture downloaded by a WWW call into a defined texture of the schematic. Can optionally store the progress in a float variable (e.g. for a progress bar HUD).
  • Interaction Machines: Move To Interaction
    ‘Override Speed’ settings available. Optionally override the speed used to move to the interaction for each individual interaction. Can optionally store the progress in a float variable (e.g. for a progress bar HUD).


  • Save Games
    Variable keys with spaces (e.g. ‘variable key’) are now supported by save games.
  • Scripting
    The ‘MachineHandler’ class is now part of the gameplay source code. It handles updating running schematics.
  • Scripting
    The ‘MachineStackHandler’ class has been removed. The machine stacks are now handled by the ‘MachineHandler’ class.
  • Scripting
    The ‘PlaySchematic’ functions implementation have been moved from the locked ‘CoreSchematic’ class to the ‘Schematic’ class (i.e. available in the gameplay source code).
  • Editor: Inspectors
    Changed some of the Makinom component inspectors to have some rarely used sub-settings as foldouts and automatically fold them.


  • GUI Boxes: Choice Icon
    Fixed an issue where the choice selection icon was placed at the wrong position when tabs where displayed at the top.
  • GUI Boxes: New UI
    Fixed an issue that could lead to flickers when showing 2 dialogues in sequence without a pause when using the new UI.
  • Schematics: Rotation Nodes
    Fixed issues when rotating a game object on the X-axis at 90 and -270 degrees.
  • HUDs: Interaction
    Fixed an issue when opening an ‘Interaction’ type HUD in the GUI editor.