New schematic nodes for changing light components, update to enum popup fields and the node editor, reliable input keys in fixed update and other new features, changes and fixes.

Download the latest version of Makinom here – or get the latest version in the Unity® Asset Store.

Please note that this update replaces the Fade Object and Blink Object nodes with the new Change Color node. Your old settings will be updated automatically.


  • Editor Settings
    ‘Sort Enums’ and ‘Separate Enums’ settings available. Enum popup fields will be sorted alphabetically and in some cases separated into sub-lists. By default enabled.
  • Editor Settings, Node Editor
    ‘Show Enable Toggle’ setting available. Optionally shows a toggle to enable/disable a node in the upper-right corner of the nodes. By default enabled.
  • Editor Settings, Node Editor
    ‘Merge Single Slot’ setting available. Optionally makes the ‘Next’ slot of single-slot nodes part of the info area. By default enabled.
  • Input Keys
    ‘In Fixed Update’ setting available. Stores input for use in fixed update ticks and allows using down/up input in machines running in ‘Fixed Update’. By default enabled.
  • Float Fields
    ‘Distance’ selection available in all float field type selections. Uses the distance between 2 defined game objects.
  • Scene Changers
    ‘Use Spawn Offset’ setting available. Optionally use the offset of the player to the scene changer when spawning in the new scene.
  • Schematic Nodes: Change Color
    ‘Change Color’ node available in ‘Animation + Audio > Fade’ nodes (and others). Changes, fades, flashes or starts/stops blinking the color of renderers, lights or color fields/properties. This node replaces the ‘Fade Object’ and ‘Blink Object’ nodes, your settings will automatically update.
  • Schematic Nodes: Change Light Float
    ‘Change Light Float’ node available in ‘Game Object > Light’ nodes. Sets or fades float values of ‘Light’ components, e.g. intensity, spot angle or shadow strength.
  • Schematic Nodes: Change Light Mode
    ‘Change Light Mode’ node available in ‘Game Object > Light’ nodes. Changes the mode of ‘Light’ components, e.g. the light type, lightmapping mode or render mode.
  • Schematic Nodes: Change Light Cookie
    ‘Change Light Cookie’ node available in ‘Game Object > Light’ nodes. Changes the cookie texture of ‘Light’ components.
  • Schematic Nodes: Light Culling Mask
    ‘Light Culling Mask’ node available in ‘Game Object > Light’ nodes. Changes the culling mask of ‘Light’ components.
  • Schematic Nodes: Show Dialogue
    ‘Show Inactive’ setting available for choices. Optionally show choices that are inactive due to their defined conditions as inactive buttons instead of hiding them. Setting available per choice.
  • Schematic Nodes: Follow Path
    ‘Path Point Timeout’ setting available in ‘Follow Path’ nodes. The moving object can optionally wait for a defined amount of time at path points before continuing movement.
  • Schematic Nodes: Reset Input Axes
    ‘Reset All’ and ‘Input Key’ settings available in ‘Reset Input Axes’ nodes. Optionally reset only a defined input key instead of all input.
  • Interaction Controller
    ‘Interact With Nearest’ settings available. Optionally interact with the interaction nearest to the interaction controller’s position (and a defined offset).


  • Schematic Nodes: Fade Object, Blink Object
    The ‘Fade Object’ and ‘Blink Object’ nodes have been replaced by the ‘Change Color’ node. Your old nodes will automatically update.
  • Value Selections
    Changes to the data structure of value selections (e.g. float values). This improves save and load times in the editor and load times in-game.


  • UI: Value Bars
    Fixed an issue when using icon value bars with limited bar display.
  • GUI Boxes
    Choices: Fixed an issue where the initially selected choice wasn’t highlighted when using the new UI.
  • New UI
    Fixed an issue where not using a prefab for the content box could result in mouse over selection not working correctly.