Setting up sound types and assignments.

In this tutorial we’ll use Sound Types and Sound Assignment components to play different audio clips when the ball hits game objects. You can learn more about sound types and sound assignments in this how-to.

Setting up the Sound Type

First, we’ll set up the sound type that we’ll use. Open the Makinom editor and navigate to Base/Control > Sound Types.

There are already some default sound types added, we’ll just rename the first sound type – you can delete the other sound types if you want.

  • Name
    Set to Hit.

That’s it – click on Save Settings to save the changes.

Hit Sound: Schematic

Now, we’ll create a schematic that’ll be attached to the Ball that plays the sound type when colliding with other game objects.

Navigate to Schematics, create a new schematic and change the following settings.


Play Sound

Add > Animation + Audio > Audio > Play Sound

We’ll use this node to play the Hit sound type on the game object that was hit (i.e. the starting object).

Depending on the audio clip that’s assigned to the sound type on the game object (using a Sound Assignment component), a different sound will be played.

Play On

  • Object
    Select Starting Object.

Audio Settings

  • Use Sound Type
    Enable this setting.
  • Sound Type
    Select Hit.
  • Wait
    Disable this setting.
  • Play One Shot
    Enable this setting.
  • Volume
    Set to 1.

That’s it for the schematic – click on Save Schematic and save it as HitSound in Assets/Schematics/.

Hit Sound: Collision Machine

Next, we’ll add the HitSound schematic to the Ball game object (child object of the Paddle game object) in the scene using a Collision Machine.

Select the Ball game object and add a collision machine component (e.g. using the component menu: Makinom > Machines > Collision Machine). Change the following settings.

Start Settings

  • Collision Enter
    Enable this setting.
  • Start By Other
    Enable this setting.

Machine Execution Settings

  • Asset Type
    Select Schematic.
  • Schematic Asset
    Select HitSound.
  • Execution Type
    Select Single.
  • Update Type
    Select Update.

Don’t forget to apply the changes to the prefab by pressing on Apply (top of the inspector).

Sound Assignments

We’ll now assign audio clips to the Hit sound type on different game objects using Sound Assignment components.

Paddle, Wall (x2), Roof

We’ll assign the hit_wall audio clip (found in Assets/Tutorial Resources/Audio/) to the Paddle game object, the 2 Wall game objects (child objects of the Level game object) and the Roof game object (also child object of the Level game object).

Add a sound assignment component to the game objects (e.g. using the component menu: Makinom > Scenes > Sound Assignment) and change the following settings.

  • Sound Type
    Select Hit.
  • Audio Clip
    Select hit_wall.

Don’t forget to apply the changes to the Paddle game object to update the prefab.


Finally, we’ll assign the hit_brick audio clip to the 3 brick prefabs (Brick 1Brick 2 and Brick 3 – the prefabs can be found at Assets/Tutorial Resources/Prefabs/).

Add a sound assignment component to the prefabss (e.g. using the component menu: Makinom > Scenes > Sound Assignment) and change the following settings.

  • Sound Type
    Select Hit.
  • Audio Clip
    Select hit_brick.

And that’s it – don’t forget to save the scene.


Hit Play to test the game. Now, the ball will play sounds when colliding with the paddle, walls, roof and the bricks.


This concludes the breakout game tutorial series. You can add additional content to the game, e.g. new levels, harder bricks (increasing the health) or random brick placement (using a schematic that spawns bricks by chance).