Setting up enemy spawners.

In this tutorial we’ll set up a schematic spawning enemies and 3 machines playing the schematic. When an enemy is spawned, a particle effect (flash) is played.

Spawner: Schematic

First, we’ll create the schematic spawning the enemies.

Open the Makinom editor, navigate to Schematics and create a new schematic. Change the following settings.



We’ll add the 2 enemy prefabs as a prefab resource.


Click on Add Prefab Resource to add a prefab resource.

  • Name
    Set to Enemy.
  • Use Order
    Select Random.

We’ll use 2 prefabs, so add another one by clicking on Add Prefab.

  • Prefab
    Select enemy1 and enemy2.


Add > Base > Wait

We’ll wait for 2-5 seconds before spawning an enemy.

  • Random
    Enable this setting.
  • Time (s)
    Set to 2 (Value).
  • Time 2 (s)
    Set to 5 (Value).

Emit Particles

Add > Game Object > Component > Emit Particle

We’ll use this node to emit the spawning particles – the particle effect is placed on a child object of the spawner game object we’ll be using.

  • Emit
    Enable this setting.
  • Stop Before Start
    Enable this setting.
  • Object
    Select Machine Object.
  • Scope
    Select In Children.

Spawn Prefab

Add > Game Object > Prefab > Spawn Prefab

We’ll use this node to spawn one of the enemy prefabs.

  • Prefab
    Select Prefab 0: Enemy.
  • Target Type
    Select Object.

Target Object

  • Object
    Select Machine Object.


Add > Base > Chance

This step is used to play the next node based on chance ranges. We’ll use it to have a 50 % chance that the enemy will face left after spawning.

Each Chance Range you add to the node will have it’s own next slot – the first chance range that contains the randomly generated chance number (by default between 0 and 100 – this can be changed in Game > Game Settings in the Chance Settings) will continue the schematic.

  • Minimum Range
    Set to 0 (Value).
  • Maximum Range
    Set to 50 (Value).

Start Tagged Machine

Add > Machine > Start Tagged Machine

We’ll use this node to flip the enemy (i.e. face left).

This node is connected to slot 0 of the Chance node.

  • Share Local Variables
    Disable this setting.
  • Wait
    Enable this setting.

Machine Object

  • Object
    Select Prefab 0: Enemy and set to -1.

Starting Object

  • Object
    Select Prefab 0: Enemy and set to -1.

Tag Settings

Click on Add Tag to add a starting tag.

  • Tag
    Set to flip.

And that’s it for the schematic – click on Save Schematic and save it as Spawner in Assets/Schematics/.

Spawner: Auto Machine

Now we’ll add the Spawner schematic using an auto machine to the spawner game objects in the scene. The spawner game objects are the 3 child objects of the spawners game object in the scene.

The machine component setup is the same for all 3 spawner game objects, so you can either repeat the setup or copy/paste the components on the other spawners.

Add an auto machine component to the spawner game objects (e.g. using the component menu: Makinom > Machines > Auto Machine) and change the following settings.

Start Settings

  • Start
    Enable this setting.
  • Repeat Execution
    Enable this setting.

Machine Execution Settings

  • Asset Type
    Select Schematic.
  • Schematic Asset
    Select Spawner.
  • Execution Type
    Select Single.
  • Update Type
    Select Update.

And that’s it – don’t forget to save the scene.


Click on Play to start the game. The enemies will now spawn from the 3 spawn points in the sky with random times between 2 spawns.

The next tutorial will handle player damage and the fall remover (removing everything that falls into the river).