Asset Sources

Makinom can use assets from different sources, e.g. direct references or asset bundles.

Selected Data

The Selected Data feature can be used for all kinds of custom systems.

Sound Types and Sound Assignments

Learn more about sound types and sound assignments, and how you can use them to improve your workflow.

Multiplayer & Networking

Makinom supports the new Unity Multiplayer functionality introduced in Unity 5.1.

Node Editor

Learn more about the node editor.

Makinom Editor

Learn more about the Makinom editor.

Save Games

Makinom handles saving and loading the game for you – learn more about it.

Setting the Player

This simple schematic is used to set a game object in the scene to be the player.

Game Starters

Game starters are crucial to starting Makinom and your game – learn more about them and where they’re used.


Pooling can be used to increase the performance of your game – learn more about it and when to use it.