This small update brings compatibility to Unity 5.5, the new foldout jump list in the editor and other small features, changes and fixes.

Download the latest version of Makinom here – or get the latest version in the Unity® Asset Store.

Please note that this version of Makinom requires Unity 5.5.


  • Unity 5.5
    Makinom now supports and requires Unity 5.5.
  • Editor: Foldout Jump List
    Optionally display a quick jump list for all available foldouts on the right side of the editor.
    Clicking on the foldout in the list will scroll to the settings.
  • Menu Settings
    ‘Unfocused Mouse Over’ setting available when using ‘Mouse Over Selection’.
    Optionally also uses mouse over selection for unfocused GUI boxes.
  • GUI Boxes: Choice Settings
    ‘Info Separation’ settings available.
    Optionally separate content and info of the choice (which would otherwise overlap each other).
  • Schematic Nodes: Check Object Hierarchy
    ‘Check Object Hierarchy’ node available in ‘Game Object > Game Object’ nodes.
    Checks if a game object has a parent or child object (or both).
  • Schematic Nodes: Show Dialogue
    ‘Store Selection’ settings available in ‘Choice’ type dialogues.
    Optionally store/load the selected choice using an ‘Int’ variable.
  • Schematic Nodes: Fade Object, Blink Object
    ‘Use Color Field’ settings available.
    Optionally fade/blink a defined color field or property of a component instead of a renderer.


  • Editor
    Slightly changed the Makinom editor look.
  • Spawn Points
    A random spawn point with the used ‘Spawn ID’ will be used when multiple spawn points with the same ‘Spawn ID’ are in a scene.
    Until now, the first found spawn point with the same ‘Spawn ID’ has been used.


  • Rotations
    Fixed an issue with rotations on the X-axis.
  • GUI Boxes
    Choice Settings: Fixed an issue where the info aligment settings where ignored.
  • GUI Boxes
    Fixed an issue where some content box anchor selections could initially place the GUI box at the wrong position when using the new UI.