PS4 Controller Mapping

Add PS4 controller mapping input keys to your Makinom project.

This’ll add input key data assets to your project.

Download Setup

Adding the setup #

Before importing the nodes into your Unity project, make sure you’ve got Makinom imported in it. You’ll need at least Makinom 2.0.0.

The input keys will be imported into Assets/Gaming Is Love/_Data/Input Key/ and will be available after importing.

Please open the Makinom editor after import and save once to make sure the references to the new input keys are saved in the project.

Input Manager Setup #

The left stick (LS), right stick (RS), D-Pad and L2/R2 triggers require a Unity Input Manager setup. You can open the Unity Input Manager via Edit > Project Settings > Input Manager.

The following axes have to be added to the input manager:

PS4 LS Horizontal #

  • Type: Joystick Axis
  • Axis: X axis

PS4 LS Vertical #

  • Invert: Enabled
  • Type: Joystick Axis
  • Axis: Y axis

PS4 RS Horizontal #

  • Type: Joystick Axis
  • Axis: 3rd axis

PS4 RS Vertical #

  • Invert: Enabled
  • Type: Joystick Axis
  • Axis: 6th axis

PS4 D-Pad Horizontal #

  • Type: Joystick Axis
  • Axis: 7th axis

PS4 D-Pad Vertical #

  • Type: Joystick Axis
  • Axis: 8th axis

PS4 L2 #

  • Type: Joystick Axis
  • Axis: 4th axis

PS4 R2 #

  • Type: Joystick Axis
  • Axis: 5th axis

Alternative Setup #

Alternatively, you can also copy the following data into your project’s InputManager.asset file. The file is located in the ProjectSettings folder of your Unity project.

Just add the data after the last data of the file – make sure to close and reopen the Unity editor to get the renewed setup.