Schematic Nodes Overview

Use custom nodes to add new functionality to schematics.

Makinom already comes with over 400 nodes to do all kinds of tasks, but you might want to add specific functionality for your custom code or a 3rd party asset.

Adding custom nodes to schematics doesn’t require implementing them in a plugin or Makinom’s source code – you can just add them in a script file in your Unity project.

Custom Nodes #

You can create custom nodes by deriving from the BaseSchematicNode or BaseSchematicCheckNode classes. For examples it’s best to check out the available node implementations.

Deriving from BaseSchematicNode will make it a node with a single Next slot, the connection to the next node is stored in the int field next.

Deriving from BaseSchematicCheckNode (which descends from BaseSchematicNode) will make a node with a Success and a Failed slot – the Success connection is stored in the int field next, the Failed connection is stored in the int field nextFail.

Using schematic nodes should use the schematic node namespace.

Or, implement the node in the namespace (not required).

For more details, see the custom nodes documentation (covers both schematic and formula nodes).

Extension Manager #

The extension manager can be used to browse, download and import available extensions (e.g. plugins, custom nodes, other scripts or schematics) for Makinom.

Open it using the Unity Menu: Window > Makinom Extension Manager

Make sure to save your open Makinom project or schematics (in the Makinom editor) before importing any package, as importing a package will reset all unsaved changes.