Flying Texts

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Flying texts allow you to display UI content for a short time, matching the position of a game object on screen.

The most common example for a flying text is displaying damage numbers or earned points at an enemy’s position when defeating it.

Flying texts are displayed using Show Flying Text nodes in schematics. Showing a flying text will create an empty game object in the scene at the position the text is displayed at (i.e. the used game object’s position).

Animation using Schematics #

The schematic used by the flying text’s setup will use the flying text’s game object as Machine Object and the original object it’s based/placed on as Starting Object.

You can change the flying text’s color using a Change Color node with the Renderer color type, e.g. fading in/out the alpha value.

The flying text’s UI is displayed at the on screen position of the flying text’s game object, i.e. moving the game object using the schematic (e.g. Move Into Direction node) will also move the flying text’s UI.

This simple schematic will fade in the flying text (in 0.25 seconds), move it upwards and fade it out after 2 seconds (for 1 second).